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A Brief History of the Colorado Trail Trekking Program

The Colorado Trail was conceived in the 1970’s by a collaboration of private citizens and USFS personnel as a way to link the state together and give backcountry enthusiasts a way to see the best and most remote parts of Colorado.  It was completed in the 1980’s, although it is still a work in progress (as all the best things in life are).  The Trekking Program began informally in the 1990’s when Gudy Gaskill, referred to by many as the “Mother of the Colorado Trail” started to lead through-hikes.  Within a few years, this had morphed into a rudimentary supported hike program, allowing hikers to hike with only a daypack, although still quite a rugged, no-frills approach.

Run on a shoe-string, Mac & Cheese and broken down trucks were the norm for this original program.  However, the program had soon become quite popular and upgrades were made continually.  Since 2000, the Trek Program has been run by Colorado Mountain Expeditions, in conjunction with the CTF.  Improvements over the years include gourmet meals, increased dietary choices, more spacious tents and camping arrangements, and professionally trained, certified guides and support staff.  The Treks now offer all the amenities and safety standards that other professional guide services do, with a high focus on customer satisfaction and safety.

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What People are Saying:

"It was a most excellent experience! This CME trip afforded me an extended stay in the back country that I would not be able to do on my own.  CME gives aging backpackers a great alternative to remain out in the wilderness."

"Of all the vacations I have taken, the Colorado Trail trips have always been my favorite and most memorable. I look forward to seeing you next year."

"Without reservation I would recommend CME for any fit hiker. The diversity of the group was a big plus and CME does a good job of making sure that the participant hikers know what they are undertaking when they sign up."

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